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How Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Help People Live Better

In recent years, vitamins have played an increasingly prominent role in the nutrition sciences. Vitamins are organic compounds required by humans for growth and development, and are a vital component in living healthy, well-rounded lives. Historically speaking, vitamins were obtained through food and dietary choices. Today, though, independently-packaged vitamins and specially-formulated supplements are allowing humans to maximize their health and well-being.


Essential Dietary Nutrients

An essential nutrient is a mineral that is required for normal body functioning. Essential nutrients cannot be synthesized by the human body itself; meaning, they must be obtained through the diet. Examples of essential nutrients include: vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids. More specifically, iron, calcium, and folic acid are popular examples of essential nutrients that are present in popular foods.

Multivitamin Supplements and HIV

One of the most intriguing approaches to vitamins in the nutritional sciences is a new research study that indicates that a long-term supplement of multivitamins helps delay the progression of HIV in people with early stages of the disease.

The study, conducted amongst HIV-suffering women in Botswana, showed that a 24-month multivitamin supplement paired with selenium significantly reduced the risk of immune decline and morbidity from the disease.

Vitamin D Fights Depression and Diabetes

For people with vitamin deficiencies or for those suffering from depression and pain attributed to Type 2 Diabetes, a Vitamin D supplement can dissipate the depression and pain, as well as erase the deficiency.

A study conducted at Loyola University of Chicago suggests that women who take a weekly Vitamin D supplement for Type 2 Diabetes depression symptoms reported that their moods improved significantly six months after starting treatment.

Additionally, 61% of the study's participants reported suffering from burning pain in their legs and feet, while 74% said that they experienced pain and tingling in their hands. These localized issues are commonplace symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. The study reports that tingling and pain also decreased noticeably 3 months and 6 months after beginning a Vitamin D program.

Nutrition Supplements Explode in Popularity

Thanks to retail stores like GNC, dietary supplements are now widespread in fitness communities. Today, vitamins and supplements exist for a wide range of people and uses. For example, there are products available for women, pre-natal women, and women over 50. Additionally, there are a wide range of multivitamins and supplements made exclusively for men, men over 50, men who want to lose weight, and men who want to add muscle.

Popular Supplements for Losing Weight

Some of the most popular supplements, though, are common, everyday minerals and liquids. Eating a bitter orange, for example, can accelerate metabolism, suppress appetite, and increase lean muscle mass. When combined with exercise, a bitter orange a day will help individuals shed pounds.

Green tea is another incredibly popular dietary aid. This drink, which has been brewed in China for thousands of years, is chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins. Most importantly, studies show that green tea elevates metabolism and energy expenditure over a 24-hour period by more than 4%. This metabolism boost makes green tea one of the healthiest weight loss beverages on the market today.

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