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Healthy Kid-Friendly Snacks

Enticing the Kids to Eat Healthy

Getting your child to eat healthy is a job in itself. With chips, popcorn and sweets advertised on television, it is hard to compete with colorful junk food. Healthy snacks for kids don't need to be boring. If you make a snack that you like, the kids will soon model your behavior. Several snacks and substitution strategies keep your kids coming back for more.

Healthy Kid-Friendly Snacks

Miniature Pizzas

Create miniature pizzas that have more fruits and veggies in them than a typical dinner. The trick is to imitate the look of a real pizza. Dice tomatoes and fresh basil leaves together. Spread this mixture onto half of an English muffin. This is the pizza sauce. Sauté diced green pepper, onions and turkey sausage together. Top the muffin with this mixture. Sprinkle mozzarella on top and toast lightly until the cheese melts. Your healthy snack encompasses almost all the food groups as your child relishes the great taste.

Introduce Hummus

Raw fruits and vegetables seem boring to kids, but give them a small bowl of hummus to try with them. Made of ground chickpeas, hummus is available in several flavors, such as garlic, and offers a creamy, but healthy, texture to match with carrot or celery sticks. This protein-rich snack can also be used with pita chips or sourdough bread. Fattening butter and jam cannot compete with this filling snack.

Waffle Lovers

Buttery waffles dripping with syrup are one of the worst foods to put on your child's plate. Appease their craving with a whole grain waffle or pancake, but do not introduce syrup. Use vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt and a fruit of their choice to top the waffle. Greek yogurt offers added protein to keep your child fuller for longer while the fruit gives a sweet punch to the snack. Peaches, strawberries and pineapples are smart choices for this waffle alternative.

The Classic

Kids cannot get enough peanut butter, but typical sandwiches are relatively high calorie. Spread creamy peanut butter inside a celery stalk and add raisins. This combination has worked wonders over the years to get more fiber into children's diets. Celery is rich in fiber for a healthy digestive system.

Smoothies Are Winners

Using low-fat or skim milk, make homemade smoothies. Select your child's favorite fruits, such as strawberries or raspberries, and add them to the milk in a blender. To increase the nutritional value, also add banana for high potassium. With the spin of the blades, you have an instant treat with a healthy twist.

Infuse Every Snack with Health

Keep a steady supply of vegetables and fruits in the home to add to any snack, including nuts. Peanuts, cashews and other varieties add protein to any yogurt, for example. Avoid high fructose corn syrup in sweets and select products using real sugar. Your body was not built to process imitation sweeteners. Maintaining a more natural diet allows your body to digest properly with healthy results.

Encourage your child to eat healthy by choosing healthy items yourself. A healthy family supports each other with fun snacks that taste good.

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