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Creating Fun-Looking Food

Tips for Creating Fun-Looking Food for Kids

Whether your child is a healthy eater or if you simply want to make dinnertime a bit more fun, you could be wondering how you can make children and nutrition get along a little better. Fortunately, you can make your child's meals a whole lot more appealing by getting creative and turning your dishes into visual masterpieces.

Creating Fun-Looking Food

Use Lots of Colors

One of the easiest ways to make foods look more fun is to use a lot of color; luckily, many colorful foods are also very healthy. For example, you can try using bright red cherries, pretty green celery and bright orange carrots to make a lovely, colorful and healthy snack tray.

When shopping at the produce aisle, consider looking for vegetables in vibrant, unique colors; this can be especially helpful if you can find fruits and vegetables in your child's favorite color. Then, you can brighten up your plates and help encourage your child to munch on fruits and vegetables instead of other foods.

Recreate Scenes and Pictures

Although you might not be able to imagine creating scenes on your dinner plates, there are some pictures that are surprisingly easy to create. For example, you can use eggs, toast, and bacon to make smiling faces in the mornings, or you can create beautiful rainbows from colorful produce. If you can think of simple and fun pictures to make, you can try to create them with various foods from your cupboard. Not only will you encourage your child to eat what you put on his or her plate, but you can also show off your creativity and have a lot of fun with your kid at the same time.

Use Fun Shapes

Creating fun shapes out of various foods is a great way to make them a lot more fun. For example, you can use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches and other snacks into fun shapes that suit your child's interests or the seasons. There are waffle makers and other small appliances that make foods into interesting shapes, or you can come up with your own ideas.

Decorate Everything

Decorating isn't just for decorating cakes and cookies. Instead, you can decorate just about anything that you put your mind to. For example, you can decorate your meatloaf with dots of ketchup and mashed potatoes; this is easy to do when you use a pastry bag or zip-top bag.

Get Ideas

There are a ton of fun ideas out there that you can use to decorate your child's food and to make them a lot more interesting. Read through your favorite magazines for inspiration; even if you don't see any ideas that you would like to recreate, you can still get your creative juices flowing. The Internet also makes it easy to find websites and blogs that are dedicated to providing ideas for creating fun, interesting and visually-appealing foods.

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