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Nutrition for Children

Tips for Healthy Eating: Children

Healthy foods for children are of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping your kiddos in good shape. While finding such foods tends to be simple, getting your kids to eat them can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Let's dive in and take a close look at several ways you can raise food-smart kids.

Nutrition for Children

Tip 1: Don't Tell Them They Can't Eat

If your children want to eat, don't restrict them from doing so. Even if it's right before supper time and you have a big dinner fixed, if they ask for something to eat, ask them to choose between waiting for supper or eating a healthy snack such as a small portion of yogurt. If you restrict your children from eating, this often leads to the development of eating disorders.

Tip 2: Fill the Home With Healthy Foods

If you want your children to eat healthy foods, you need to keep those in your home at all times. Children tend to eat what's available, and with no healthy items on hand, they will move on to foods that aren't good for them. When you go to the grocery store, stock up on bananas, peanuts, yogurts, sugar-free cereal bars, and plenty of berries.

Tip 3: Show the Kids That All Foods Can Be Somewhat Healthy

Healthy foods for children come in a wide variety. For example, turkey is great for kids who are athletes as well as an assortment of products that are high in calcium. For girls looking to improve their hair and skin appearance, large amounts of fruits and veggies need to be consumed. Almost all foods are healthy in some manner; however, moderation is key.

Tip 4: Praise Your Kids

When your kids make healthy eating choices, make sure you give them a pat on the back and a big smile. Let them know that you are proud of them for making good choices.

Tip 5: Don't Be a Nag

If you nag your kiddos about eating healthy, they most likely will choose to rebel and go for the foods that aren't a bit good them. If your child has a sweet tooth, simply offer sweet foods that don't come in the form of candy. For example, strawberries dipped in whip cream are great for filling a sweet tooth craving.

Tip 6: Food Shouldn't Be Used As a Reward

If you give your children food as a reward, this could develop into an obesity problem. Make sure that you use food only for good purposes.

Tip 7: Eat As a Family

If possible, eating as a family every night for supper is a great way to promote healthy foods for children. Kids who eat with their parents tend to have much healthier eating habits than those that don't. If your family can't eat together every night, consider having at least one to two nights a week when everyone comes together to enjoy a meal together.

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